Hey guys!
I'm so sorry I know I'm really not on time..I was in Prague like almost a month ago. Nevermind, here I am with my favourite photos from this magical capital.  I never really understand the ado around Prague well now I do. This city is so beautiful and so crowded as well. My fave place was possibly the Charles bridge. Walking through there with artists on the sides and admiring the amazing view really has its feeling.

Back to present, I've just arrived home from the hospital because I broke my leg. Nothing serious but yeah it's a real bad timing because I'll fly to China on Monday. I am going to spend there 3 weeks but then I'll be back with tons of photos. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer holiday  and make sure to make the last month as fabolous as possible!




Fly away

Just a quick post before packing to Czech Republic.
I'm so excited about my trip and be sure I'll be back with tons of photos! 
I'm in a hurry so that's all for now.

Have a wonderful summer!



June 22


Hi there!

Here is an outfit which I actually wore yesterday to pick up ice creams. What a waste..:DDD
The school year has ended and I have to say that I'm satisfied with my grades. Well, yes maths will require a little more attention next year. I always decide to study a little in summer just to not fall out from the routine but honestly it's impossible. Next week I'll go to Czech Republic!
Can't wait!



June 18

ONE Day left

 Hey people!

So these are my first outfit photos with the new camera. Well the location is not on point ...yes it's my neighbour's garage door. No excuse, we were lazy to walk farther. It's 32°C now and so damp.

I've spent my morning at the nearly kindergarten because I need to do 50 hours of 'society work' for school. Oh well, dual experiences. They are so sweet and small and they welcome me with huge smiles and kisses. On the one hand, they are adorable. On the other hand, they are so loud and irritating and they want to 'play' with my hair. Ouch... Anyway, I ran a lot and I have to say I do respect more kindergarten teachers now than I did before.

Tomorrow, I'll have my year-end ceremony at school which means I'll get my certificate *fingers crossed*. Also it will be the last day I meet my classmates before summer holiday. I think I'll miss them.

 romper: Atmosphere/ necklace: H&M/ sunnies: Promod/ sandals: Deichmann




Getting a new camera

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I bought my camera and it's so amazing. Obviously I couldn't stand posting my first pictures. I planned to go out, city, forest or even ask a friend and make some portraits but the rain washed away my plans. So my plan B turned out like this. I took some photos in the house, in my bedroom actually. It was just a kinda practise. First, I eternalized the peace of my desk in the morning. I really enjoy mornings lately as school ended. I get into drawing and surprisingly I'm more effective straight after I wake up.

Then I took photos of clothes I've bought recently hanging in my room. Well they were colorful and I could played with the lights.

PS: I haven't read any of the guide books yet and I didn't use any picture editor for these photos.
I'm 100% satisfied with Nikon D3200.





Hey guys!

So here is the 2nd part of the photos we took in factory arena. So my outfit is the same but the background is different. I liked it a lot. There's a lot more places in my city than what I know so far. 
I haven't bought my camera yet but it's on the top my list.  I'm thinking about Nikon D3200. What do you think about it, any experiences? If you, guys have any suggestions let me know in comments.

Have a nice week!




Red Wall

Hey guys!

Here I am after a little 'disappearance' but my schedule is a big mess and unfortunately I realised that I can't run my blog constantly. But good news that I have some new photos and I will show you soon!

Yesterday I had a reunion with a friend and we walked a lot. That means I was tired at the end of the day aand we found cool spots to shoot. He took a few pic of me in front that red wall. I kinda like it or not idk. My outfit: extra minimal. This coat is a treasure! I got it from a second hand shop and literally I can't take it off!



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