Hey Lovelies!
So this is the first post of 2015. I wanted to create an inspiring article but I just don't feel like that right now. I'm so devastated by what happened in Paris. I think you all know because media is full of it. It's just so awful. And I feel like I needed to write somethin about it because i'm so in love with Paris and I imagine my future there. Humanity is disappointing. I guess they didn't even have idea of what they are about to starting. I hope I don't have either. 




Old bright Shine

We shot these photos almost a month ago. I almost forget about it.
Nevermind, here I am again after a great, peaceful christmas ( hope you all had a fabulous one) and I will show you what I got soon.

This dark green sweater is actually my favourite one lately. It goes perfectly with everything. But I stayed at black and leather hah just for diversity.
I still love those creepers, so sad that I can't wear them now because of the weather. Btw, do you have snow? Because it doesn't even have any sign of winter here. Don't get it wrong I'm so happy about the sunshine.




Hey People!
I'm pretty sure that it's my last post this year so I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I know I haven't written since ages but I proved to be more active on instagram. (check here)
I have/had a lot of things going on around me. I really need to find my inner peace and put things on the right outside. It just takes time but I'm on the right way. I hope so.
You know the 'new year-new me' bullshit, right? Well, I want to be the old me and care about this blog and everything I loved so much before. 
I was in Vienna with my class a couple days ago. Well, it's not a usual outfit post but I thought I need to share these photos. I have a really talented classmate I hope you'll like it as well.

First we visited the Schönbrunn palace. It was my first time here. Omgd its so huge. I'd love to play with the tought to living in such a palace.  

Then we had some free time  around Stephansdom so we went shopping in forever 21! Obviously!
At the end we drank mulled wine and hot chocolate in the christmas market!
It was a fantastic experience.

Photos by Kristof Korpás




All Black Everything

So I skip my usual apologies bc I guess you all already know. I have a lot of things going on in my life lately so its just not easy to schedule my time. Nevermind, here I am and I can say that there's gonna be a special halloween post soon as my blog turns another year!:DD

Back to this outfit..well its only black but the different materials make it looks 'interesting'. It may have a little halloween feeling, don't you think? Maybe its just me. I really love halloween and I'm already excited about tomorrow.

I made my first jack o'lantern. It's actually not that easy. Check: here.
How do you guys celebrate it?

sweater:Takko/skirt:Orsay/rings+hat:H&M/boots:Jeffrey Campbell

Wish you to have a frightfully happy Halloween!




Here I am again..I don't even have a good excuse. I have 99 problems but who don't? Anyway, it's autumn my second most hated season (first is winter hah) because once I get cold I can't get over it and feel it inside in my bones and everywhere and then I get sick and it's the usual circulation. I guess it sounds familiar for most of you but this year I decided to not letting this to happen...well it happened but at least I'm over it and full of energy again.(nope)
 Layering is my best trick in this unpredictable weather and knee socks and hot chocolate and big scarves and pure, soft bed and...Oo this is so bad I wanna hibernate myself till June. Btw, I hope I still have some readers and I promise to post more often.really.I will.

Have a lovely October!

hat+skirt+shoes: H&M/scarf: Reserved





I know, I know ..my last post was 2 weeks ago but school is started and its really shocking, no I mean REALLY I need to schedule my time. I wake up at 6 and got home at 5. Oh hey remember I need a life too!!No, just kidding it's not that serious but school is demanding and I really miss summer and the feeling when I wake up and go to sleep and in between I do whatever I want . And yes, these photos were shot 2 weeks ago bc now it has been raining since 3 days and I don't actually go out.
To say something positive and happy: I really like my new class and all the people I got to know in the last few weeks.

So keep up guys, school sucks but worth it for you future!
Think advance!




 Face it

Cat heads, Cat heads ..and it's just the begining..:D Now, I have more  'cattish' stuff than fingers so yeah I guess I can say that it's my latest obsession. But I've already realised that I'm just gonna like these for couple of time so this sweater was my last cattish thing. Currently, I adore it and would wear every single day because its too cute to leave alone in the wardrobe. Hah
Btw, I can't miss the fact that school starts TOMORROW! I wanted to do  something 'special' on the last day but..let's face it.. I'm here eating chocolate and blogging. Anyway, I got hundreds of films to watch so it's gonna be a movie night!


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