Middle of Nothing

When my spring break started I decided that I will be so productive like writing more posts, learning, sort my wardrobe, catch up with my series and so on... Well... it didn't really happened ( except series:D) but it would have been a magic because I only had 4 days including Easter. 

So, I used this really tiny amount of time to  relax and chill with my friends. Get a hot chocolate & watch a movie or hang in a park and trying to skateboarding. That's what I did for 4 super happy days.
Sadly, its over and I just started to learn for tomorrow. Nevermind, only 5 weeks to summer!!!

Here is my off duty look for the spring break. A vintage sweater, leather skirt and cut out boots are just perfect for every occasion. Especially, for doing exactly nothing.:D

sweater:vintage/skirt:C&A/boots:NewYorker/sunglasses:Promod/bag: Sanches




Claret Diaries

Silky, fairy post straight from the Forest. I found my shooting chancel in the field of the mother earth. So weird that during the 1,5 year blogging I just realised the wonder of the nature on my outfit photos now.
This time I wore a burgundy dress with lace arms, flower crown and white sandals. I really adore this background so I think I gonna have more photos in the nearly forest.

What do you think?

sandals: Tom Tailor/ flower crown: Claire's/sunglasses: Promod

Have a fabulous Spring break full of fun and relax. 
Happy Easter!




Back to reality and my weather complaints after last week's bright sunny days. Seems like I'm a time traveller from croptop weather to big long coats. Well, I'm not, it just  happens thanks to global warming?!

Btw, I  bought these cut out boots on Glamour days. Haha, here is one reason to not get rid of the terrible weather.
 I always feel a bit 'strange' when I'm dressed in one brand from head to toe. I actually love this drape khaki coat with leather arms. Also, my well known leather skater skirt plus a black silk shirt.
That's my outfit for a rainy, cold monday.

What do you think?

Everything from H&M/ expect: boots: New Yorker/ backpack:Sanches/




Shades of forest

I can't say that I count as a sporty girl because mostly I wear blazers, skirt and wedges. But these obviously don't fit the forest where were on the weekend.
It was just a quick excursion with friend and some adrenaline rush to find the good way. Luckily almost always succesful. No..not.

So I wore my trainers, a crop top, black skirt and old denim shirt. Simply weekend look with the twist of the shoes. I don't wear them on streets just for running but I actually think running shoes look good on streets. Or maybe I just got friendly with it because it counts as usual since two years.
Btw, it's also a selfmade top, I'm really into making own prints when I have some time.

What do you think?

trainers: Spordirect/skirt: C&A/ top: DIY/sunnies: Promod




Essentially Spring

Flowers for spring? How surprising. It sounds a cliche but I actually like. Crowded streets with floral outfits, smell of spring and blossoming trees. That's how my city looks like recently. It's awesome.

Today was such a sunny day so I wore my floral dress and styled it so simply. Black necklace, hat, my sandals and I'm ready. Perfectly comfy for a walk in this beautiful park. 

dress+hat:H&M/ sandals:Deichmann/necklace:C&A





This is my lazy sunday ritual outfit: white shirt and blue jeans. And sometimes monday too. Effortless and chic. Totally enough to start the week. It's also a self made tee inspired by a Lana Del Ray song plus Homer Simpson. It's not the way how I first imagined but I like it. I took a statement necklace and my cutest flats ever. Aren't they adorable? I adore my cattish loafers so much!

What do you think? 

jeans: H&M/shoes: New Yorker/ necklace: C&A/bag: H&M/ sunnies: Promod




Chaotic Friday

An other 80's inspired outfit. Actually, I can't really say inspired because it comes naturally, maybe I had born in a wrong century. But I don't think that it would overcrop my style, it's just a temporary obsession. Striped skater skirt, ruffled blouse and dotty socks. Maybe it's too much, maybe I say maybe too much times. So to be concrete I love this blouse so much because it's so 'birdy'. Also my dandelion treadle, white sandals & socks combination which is so comfy in this weather.

 What do you think?

skirt+bag+socks: H&M/ Sandals: Humanic/ blouse: Atmosphere/ chain: New Yorker


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