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Silky, fairy post straight from the Forest. I found my shooting chancel in the field of the mother earth. So weird that during the 1,5 year blogging I just realised the wonder of the nature on my outfit photos now.
This time I wore a burgundy dress with lace arms, flower crown and white sandals. I really adore this background so I think I gonna have more photos in the nearly forest.

What do you think?

sandals: Tom Tailor/ flower crown: Claire's/sunglasses: Promod

Have a fabulous Spring break full of fun and relax. 
Happy Easter!




Back to reality and my weather complaints after last week's bright sunny days. Seems like I'm a time traveller from croptop weather to big long coats. Well, I'm not, it just  happens thanks to global warming?!

Btw, I  bought these cut out boots on Glamour days. Haha, here is one reason to not get rid of the terrible weather.
 I always feel a bit 'strange' when I'm dressed in one brand from head to toe. I actually love this drape khaki coat with leather arms. Also, my well known leather skater skirt plus a black silk shirt.
That's my outfit for a rainy, cold monday.

What do you think?

Everything from H&M/ expect: boots: New Yorker/ backpack:Sanches/




Shades of forest

I can't say that I count as a sporty girl because mostly I wear blazers, skirt and wedges. But these obviously don't fit the forest where were on the weekend.
It was just a quick excursion with friend and some adrenaline rush to find the good way. Luckily almost always succesful. No..not.

So I wore my trainers, a crop top, black skirt and old denim shirt. Simply weekend look with the twist of the shoes. I don't wear them on streets just for running but I actually think running shoes look good on streets. Or maybe I just got friendly with it because it counts as usual since two years.
Btw, it's also a selfmade top, I'm really into making own prints when I have some time.

What do you think?

trainers: Spordirect/skirt: C&A/ top: DIY/sunnies: Promod




Essentially Spring

Flowers for spring? How surprising. It sounds a cliche but I actually like. Crowded streets with floral outfits, smell of spring and blossoming trees. That's how my city looks like recently. It's awesome.

Today was such a sunny day so I wore my floral dress and styled it so simply. Black necklace, hat, my sandals and I'm ready. Perfectly comfy for a walk in this beautiful park. 

dress+hat:H&M/ sandals:Deichmann/necklace:C&A





This is my lazy sunday ritual outfit: white shirt and blue jeans. And sometimes monday too. Effortless and chic. Totally enough to start the week. It's also a self made tee inspired by a Lana Del Ray song plus Homer Simpson. It's not the way how I first imagined but I like it. I took a statement necklace and my cutest flats ever. Aren't they adorable? I adore my cattish loafers so much!

What do you think? 

jeans: H&M/shoes: New Yorker/ necklace: C&A/bag: H&M/ sunnies: Promod




Chaotic Friday

An other 80's inspired outfit. Actually, I can't really say inspired because it comes naturally, maybe I had born in a wrong century. But I don't think that it would overcrop my style, it's just a temporary obsession. Striped skater skirt, ruffled blouse and dotty socks. Maybe it's too much, maybe I say maybe too much times. So to be concrete I love this blouse so much because it's so 'birdy'. Also my dandelion treadle, white sandals & socks combination which is so comfy in this weather.

 What do you think?

skirt+bag+socks: H&M/ Sandals: Humanic/ blouse: Atmosphere/ chain: New Yorker




Rainy Days

An other storm came to Europe and reached Hungary. So it's my third day when I'm locked in the house because of the rain, cold and windstorms. Sadly, it means that I don't have opportunity to shoot outfits.  
Recently, I spend  quite a lot of time with reading, baking and making yummy desserts. Here is a quick post about how to make a fab breakfast by 5 minutes.

1: Get a natural yoghurt and put it in a porringer.

2: Slice up a banana 

3: Take some cereals too, I took cheerios

4: Bite two pieces of chocolate into smaller bits

5: Take cherry or strawberry syrup or whatever you want on your plate

That's all. Take an instagram photo and maybee #rslamode so I can check out. 
Eat it knowing that banana is high in potassium and low in salt, chocolate boost the brain's blood supply  Cheerios is the only leading cereal proven to help lower cholesterol and yoghurt is healthy as well.

Bon app├ętit!


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