A Glimpse of Summer

Yaaay I'm back!! from a very long and long vacation. And here we are..end of the summer. I had a fabolous time in South France with a friend not to mention my holiday in Greece and in Paris. This three ( two and half) months were pretty amazing and fast ofc but I'm already looking forward for autumn ( no..not actually) because I'll have a new school..new classmates. Yeah..it's quite exciting but /as I think everyone/ I'm still crying' for summer and trying' to grab all the last moments...
So this outfit is ab a fresh summer feelin' with purple, baby blue and tropical prints.

Hope you liked it and got some 'last moments of summer' feeling!




Can you see me now?

When I first saw that dress I walked away...a minute later I came back and grabbed it. I was shopping with my mum and she said that the dress is good, but not my style and it's pretty, but I've no occasion to wear it. Doesn't is smell like a challenge? it does. accepted. I have an obsession for long skirts/dresses and I tried up many of them lately but didn't feel that I should buy them. Now I feel. So my wardrobe is gonna be filled with maxi wonders.

dress: New Yorker/jacket:Takko/shoes:Pull&Bear/sunnies:H&M/backpack:jSanches



Matchy Matchy

I already have an outfit with this crop top /seen here/ and now I found the perfect skirt. They are meant to be together, totally matchy matchy. Whats
more its monochrome so, yes, I adore it.  I thought that this outfit is special so it required a special background; let me introduce you the mysterious forest. And I'm sure I'll get some creepy comments like: do I really think this is the proper outfit for hiking?! Whatever...creepy people write creepy things..

skirt+top:New Yorker/hat+bag:H&M/shoes:Pull&Bear/necklace: C&A




Fictitious Silhouette

Umm..yes a kimono and I know that this is the thing that everyone has and wears lately. I usually 'lag behind' in these 'get it-wear it-throw it' trends like I never ever had anything camouflage or metallic. 
I already have a few lovely kimonos and I wear them constantly because they are so cool and ridiculously easy to style. Just catch up one with jeans + white tee and you look all dressed.
Anyway, as you may have seen hundreds of ideas already, I wanted show something different.:)
Let me know if I'm succeed. 

kimono+skirt: New Yorker/shoes: Pull&Bear/top+bag:H&M



Greece~Photo Diary 2

Endless Waves

Too beautiful to talk ...let pictures speak.

It was seriously  the MOST beautiful/magical/fabolous sundown I've ever seen in my whole life! And yes I took too many photos according to numbers it is exactly 264.  Whatever, I won't delete any of it.
I wore a big straw hat and a light blue dress for seeing the lonely, last dance of the pastel sun.

dress: H&M

And for the last but not the least: my favourite photo and I think far the best I've ever shot. 
What do you think? 



Greece~Photo diary 1

Those lofty Palm Trees

Hey lovelies! Here is another photo diary as I promised. I was in Nei Pori, Greece. Obviously, I took too many photos so it's the part 1, themed Palm trees. 
When I think about summer, a palm tree is the first thing which comes in my mind plus I can't have them at home.So I really stock up some tropical green photos to remind me of the wonderful greek palm beaches when it's winter and cold.

For this holiday I took most of my tropical patterned clothes without thinking it through so my outfit is really about mix & match.


I hope you liked my first photo diary and got some tropical vibes! 
Where do you spend your summertime?



Paris~Photo Diary 3

Eiffel Tower & La Défense

And the symbol of Paris in my last photo diary! I don't think I need to say anything...The Eiffel tower is still gorgeous and literally the best place to  take photos in Paris. Also, I thought a lot about what to wear when I go to the Eiffel tower but at the end I stayed with the classy monochrome vibes and gave a little contrast with platform sneakers.

És íme, Párizs szimbóluma az utolsó fotónaplómban! Nem hiszem, hogy bármit is kell mondanom... Az Eiffel torony még mindig gyönyörű és tényleg a legjobb hely Párizsban fotókat csinálni. Mitöbb, sokat gondolkodtam, hogy mit vegyek fel, amikor az Eiffel toronyhoz megyünk, de végül maradtam a jólbevált klasszikus fekete-fehér vonalnál és kicsit kontrasztosabbá tettem egy fehér magas talpú tornacipővel.

shoes: Pull&Bear/ skirt: H&M/ blouse: Orsay/ necklace: C&A/sunnies:Promod

Huge and enthralling! It's the business part of the city with a lot of people in suits running through daily. For me the main attraction here was Europe's biggest mall with hundreds of shops. It was a labyrinth. It also memorable for me cuz this was the place where I spent almost all my money...no regrets.

Hatalmas és lenyűgöző! A város üzleti része híres cégekkel és öltönyben szaladgáló emberekkel. Itt számomra, a fő attrakciót, Európa legnagyobb bevásárló központját jelentette, több száz bolttal. Kész labirintus volt az egész. Tényleg emlékezetes vásárlás marad, mert itt költöttem el  kb. az összes pénzem...nem megbánás.

Thank you for reading! Check out the first and the second part too!

Remélem tetszett! Nézzétek meg az első és a második részt is!


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